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About Us

Located in Vanadzor, the company's plant is designed and built by the Italian company "CARMAC GROUP" and is equipped exclusively with Italian technologies, which ensure the high quality of the production process and final results. Complying with the highest European standards, VABATEX has been listed among the top 10 best net manufacturers in the world. Aiming at implementing the best Italian anti-hail protection practice in Armenia, VABATEX continuously cooperates with Italian companies CARMAC (www.carmacgroup.com) and TESRETE (www.tesrete.com) and shows professional and individual approach for the effective and high quality protection of orchards.
VABATEX offers not only HDPE quality (high density polyethylene) anti-hail nets and net installation systems of its own production, but also provides professional consultancy on founding and protecting networked orchards. Highly qualified specialists, trained in Italy, provide full-scale engineering solutions for implementation of nets in orchards. VABATEX aims at having best-protected crops and orchards from hail and various meteorological phenomena in Armenia and the whole region.