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In the Near Future the Nets Will be Applied Not Only in Agriculture, But in military, as well as for the Protection of Vehicles

Date: 25/11/2018

Being put into operation for just a few days in Lori province, anti-hail nets production plant already has customers. The plant has been built by Armenian “VABATEX” group in cooperation with Italkian “CARMAC” group. The plant is equipped with Italian technologies. For mastering Italian equipment better, 4 employees have been trained in Italy.

The project manager of “VABATEX”, Ashot Harutyunyan assures that among other exploiting means in the world, anti-hail nets are the most effective ones. “These nets that are being produced with high-quality Italian machinery and threads, have been tested. We give almost 20 years warranty. This, of course, doesn’t imply to manual fractures, that may be caused by the wrong usage. If the user follows the instructions, nets can be used and fully protect orchards for many years. Studies indicate that one of the major challenges in Armenia is the protection of vineyards and other orchards. The purchase of net for the cultivator won’t be very expensive. In case of a wholesale purchase, 1m² net will cost up to 170 AMD.

“We have offices both in Yerevan and Vanadzor and we provide consultancy, design and implement. We don’t solely organize the production. Besides giving the user a network, we are ready to provide appropriate consultancy,” said Ashot Harutyunyan.

The company plans to produce 600 hectares anti-hail nets. In the near future nets will be used not only in agriculture but in the military, as well as for the protection of vehicles.

Harutyunyan informed that besides anti-hail net production plant, there are 2 other plants to operate soon. “The production of poles will start in 20 days, which is equipped with Italian machinery. The plant for producing other attributes and accessories will be open by the end of the year. From 2019, Armenia will have a product that will cost much cheaper and we won’t be dependant on foreign import. Nets that today are being imported from Italy is 40 percent more expensive because of transportation costs. Besides this exclusive production plant in the whole region will open 120 new jobs for locals.”

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