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The Only Anti-Hail Net Production in the Region Was Launched in Vanadzor

Date: 25/11/2018

The only anti-hail net production plant in the region was launched today, on the 14th of September in Vanadzor. This was reported from the department of information and public relations of the ministry of agriculture.

The plant that is in line with the highest European standards was built by “VABA” group, in cooperation with Italian CARMAC SRL. The plant is equipped with Italian technologies.

The deputy minister of agriculture, Artak Kamalyan, who was attending the opening of the plant, reported that the ministry gives preferential loans for purchasing anti-hail nets.

“The ministry implements the project of “loans with interest rate subsidy for the investment of anti-hail net in the agricultural sector”. In the scope of the program, the government provides subsidies for 2% interest rates and loans with 7 years maturity for the entrepreneurs that need to purchase anti-hail nets,” said the deputy minister of agriculture.

Anti-hail nets guarantee the greater protection of orchards and crops from hail storms, winds, birds, and insects.

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